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"Secrets of the Vine - Part 2" 

God is looking for the fruit in our lives. He is looking for the life of Jesus to be expressed through you and me - His character, His works, His will being done, lives being impacted by His love flowing through us. If necessary, God will use painful measures to bring you torepentance. His purpose is to cleanse you and free you of sin so that you can live a more abundant life for His glory.


Many Christians in our churches acknowledge that they are not producing fruit. What keeps Christians from dealing with their issues and moving toward fruitfulness?  In a word, it’s SELF.  From time to time, more often for some and less for others, we stop relying upon Christ and His life within us and live our life in our own strength.  In those times when we stop depending on Christ and choose to rely upon our own strength and ability, it is then that the branch is unable to continue to produce fruit. 


What does the Father do for the branch that only produces some fruit?  “Every branch in me that does bear fruit He prunes so that it will be even more fruitful.”  What is the Father doing when He prunes the branches?  He is causing us to stop depending upon self in order that we might rely fully on Christ and bear more fruit. 


Pruning is necessary in order to enable the branches of the vine to produce the best fruit. When the vinedresser comes through with his pruning knife, he operates under two key principles: one, all dead wood must be removed; and two, the live wood must be cut back drastically.  What does God need to cut away from your life to make you more fruitful - old habits, old attitudes, old ways of thinking about others?  What is it that restricts the production of fruit in your life?


"Are You Walking In Victory?"

Calvary gave us the ground of victory. Too many are striving for victory instead of moving out from victory. A dead man can't fight.  A resurrected one doesn't need to.  The old man can't stand.  The new man can't be shaken. Where do you stand?


"Secrets of the Vine" - Part 1

Have you ever struggled in your walk with the Lord and found yourself asking, “how can I make Christianity work in my life?”  There is no passage in the Bible that better answers that question than Jesus’ words in John 15.  Many churches often talk a lot about what people should do but very little about how to do it. Many people struggle through the week sincerely trying to “live the Christian life”.


Jesus talks about His will for our lives in John 15:16, “You did not choose me, but I chose you and appointed you to go and bear fruit—fruit that will last.”  God designed each and every one of us to be fruitful. Are you bearing the fruit God designed you to produce? 


God has placed us in a seat in heavenly places (Eph.2:6).  Our sweet privilege is to abide in this position where God has placed us.  Jesus chose us for abundance, He expects abundance, and created us to deeply desire it.  How can we ever find fulfillment in a half-empty basket?  Something is stopping us dead in our spiritual tracks.  What is it?

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