As the extension of Jesus Christ, the church not only is a place you can call home, but it is an entity embodying the opportunity for outreach.  There's a place for everybody.

Christian Education


The Christian Education Ministry has developed a total Christ-filled educational program by evaluating, elevating and enhancing Christian literature that will encourage the hearts of the lost, strengthen the faith of the believer, and give a firm foundation to all Christians who have a desire to personally know the way of Christ.

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Prophetic Mime and Hope In Motion


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Serving God through the church and the community.  Learn more...

Information Technology


The IT Ministry serves the church and the community in providing viable information distributed electronically.  The IT Ministry will also serve as the marketing team for the church to include, but not limited to brochures, flyers, commercials, videos, pictures, newsletters.  Contact:  ITMinistry@brighterhopclayton.org

Intercessory Prayer


To help establish, grow, and equip those in the church body through discipleship and evangelistic training.  The goal is to obtain Christian maturity so that we may invest in the lives of others, and fulfill the Great Commission.  Learn more...

Men That Matter


Equipping men to step up and lead and become Godly men after God's own heart.  Learn more...



To praise, edify, glorify, and uplift God through song.  We will commit ourselves to be vessels who are led by God and will embrace and support the vision and direction God has given to our pastor.  It is our goal to aid in setting an atmosphere conducive for worship in order to prepare the congregation to receive the preached word.  Learn more...

Women of Hope


The Women of Hope is a women's ministry designed to foster a sense of sisterhood among the women of the church.  In doing so we establish an atmosphere of love and trust where relevant issues can be discussed and shared openly.  Our desire is to grow spiritually as we study together and to support the overall mission and vision of the church.  Learn more...



God's ARMY (Annointed Righteous Mighty Youth)

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