Dear Friend and Supporter,


When you need the love, care, support, and comfort from people who could possibly care and understand, the church family is often the safe haven. Brighter Hope is honored that the Lord has graciously blessed us. We have a fervent admiration for the work of God and His people and we want to continue The Great Commandment. We worship and praise the Lord in fellowship every opportunity we have, and we are grateful for our place of worship, but this edifice is only temporary for we are in a building of which we are renting space.


Our desire is to dedicate a building of which we can call our church home. In order to do this, the lender needs to see just how serious we are--and we are VERY serious. The church leadership and general body has committed to sacrificing more in addition to the normal tithes and offerings. The lender tells us it's time to build and we are ready. It will take a little over $50 thousand within the next five months for us to show the lender just how much dedicating a worship center means to God's people so that we can provide more in the area of missions and be a help to the surrounding community. It is with anticipated excitement that we extend the opportunity to "Buy A Brick".  The cost of a brick is $100.  By purchasing a brick or bricks, you become a part of helping Brighter Hope reach its goals and realize God's promise of a new edifice.  Much is at stake--we're helping to upbuild the kingdom of God and essentially, we want you to feel just as much a part of Brighter Hope as we are.


Please join the many others who have already said, "Yes!"  It's a brand new brighter day at Brighter Hope as we are "An Exciting Church Excited About Jesus!"  God bless you for your generosity and support.


Sincerely yours,


Reverend Blanzie Williams, Jr.